Satair Marketplace

Introducing your one-stop shop for new, USM, and surplus parts at competitive prices. Satair Marketplace is an integrated solution on Satair Market. Here we connect Buyers and approved 3rd party Sellers, allowing both for a direct contact and an efficient and transparent transaction.

What is Marketplace?

A platform for Sellers
As a Seller you enjoy a worldwide, personal, non-exclusive, and non-transferable right to use Market, access to a vast customer base, and a platform to monetize your surplus inventory side by side with Satair products.

Connecting Sellers and Buyers
Buyers and Sellers have direct communication and transact in an efficient process where orders are managed, invoiced, and shipped end-to-end by Sellers.

A one-stop shop for Buyers
As a Buyer you have a wide selection of products from approved 3rd party Sellers. Find products in different conditions, for various platforms at competitive prices. All orders are handled via Satair Market in a secured and efficient manner.

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Marketplace for Buyers

Learn more about the Satair Marketplace for you as a customer and buyer on Satair Market

  • Browse products from different Approved 3rd Party Sellers at various, competitive prices.
  • Find products in different conditions - new, USM and surplus
  • Request a quote or place a bid on selected products and ask Sellers directly about their products and terms.

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Marketplace for Sellers

Want to sell parts and monetize your inventory?


  • Gain access to a wide and Airbus-validated customer base.
  • Monetize your surplus material in an easy and efficient manner.
  • Have direct transactions with customers to close orders in an efficient way.

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